Lunch Cruise



Private dinner cruises for groups (>25 persons)

Enjoy a delicious buffet Dinner Cruise while taking in the beauty of Amsterdam’s canals.
The only thing you have to do is choose one of our delicious International Buffets!

Our luxurious private boats are ready to take you on a tour of our extraordinary city. The boat will be reserved especially for your group, so you can decide what time your cruise starts, how long it lasts and even where it starts and ends.
And if this deal is not sweet enough, you can add one of our delicious desserts to your cruise!

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  • Cruise style Cruise type
      Dinner Cruise, Evening Cruise, Family
    • Duration 120 min
    • Group Size Large Group
      Minimum of 25 persons

    Extending your cruise package

    Enjoy the magic of your cruise for a little longer? Extend your dinner cruise with 30 minutes for a surplus of € 9,00 p.p. (including sailing time, waiters and drinks)

    Minimum of 25 persons

    We charge this cruise for at least 25 persons. If you want to take this cruise with a group smaller then 25 persons, that is of course also possible – however we will charge for the minimum of 25.

    Banqueting map

    Click here for an overview of all our banqueting options.

    Included and excluded in this Canal Cruise
    What is included in this Canal Cruise?Items included in the cost of this Canal Cruise

    Group Dinner Cruises (Buffet style)

    • 120 minutes sailing time on board
    • Pick up and drop off within 30 minutes sailing time of our docks
    • All drinks (Heineken beer, house wine, soft drinks and coffee/tea)
    • Dinner buffet of choice
    • Waiter service
    What is not included in this tour?Items not included in the cost of this Canal Cruise
    • Other drinks & foods
    • Prices are excluded of € 1,50 VMR tax per person*

    *The Entertainment tax VMR (Vermakelijkheidsretributie in Dutch) is a tax that the municipality of Amsterdam levies on activities that have the goal of entertainment. This includes canal cruises, tours and excursions.


    Are you vegetarian or do you have any other dietary requests? We can customize any menu – just let us know at least 48 hours before your cruise.

    Buffet menu's starting at € 70,00 p.p. (for groups of 35 persons and over we offer discounts)Includes drinks (Heineken beer, house wines, soft drinks & coffee/tea)

    Spanish Buffet € 73,50 p.p. (if you are 35 persons or over this buffet cruise is € 70,- p.p.)

    Cold dishes

    • Spanish cold cuts ( chorizo, fuet and iberico ham);
    • Tuna tortilla’s (Spanish omelet);
    • Marinated mushrooms with red onions and garlic;
    • Fried, marinated mussels & squid with Spanish red pepper;
    • Artichokes with lemon and coriander;
    • Salad of roasted red peppers, chickpeas and oregano;
    • Bread with aioli.

    Hot dishes:

    • Albondigas (Spanish meatballs in tomato salsa);
    • Chicken thigh fillets with dragon and lime;
    • Chorizo- en merguez sausages;
    • Paella.

    Italian buffet € 73,50 p.p. (if you are 35 persons or over this buffet cruise is € 70,- p.p.)

    Cold dishes

    • Parma ham with honey melon;
    • Salad of fried shrimp in mascarpone & dried tomato sauce;
    • Caprese salad;
    • Fried mushroom;
    • Pasta Tricolore;
    • French bread with pomodori-butter.

    Hot dishes

    • Pasta rigate with zucchini and cheese sauce;
    • Fusili pasta with chicken and stir fried vegetables;
    • Mediterranean fish stew with white wine;
    • Vegetable casserole with zucchini, eggplant, tomato and mozzarella.

    Indonesian buffet € 70,- p.p.  (if you are 35 persons or over this buffet cruise is € 67,50,- p.p.)

      • Sateh babi (pork skewers);
      • Ajam pedis (chicken in sambal sauce);
      • Daging (beef stew);
      • Ikan pedis (spicy fish fillets);
      • White rice and yellow rice;
      • Sambal goreng beans (spicy green beans);
      • Tahu-Tempeh;
      • Sajoer Lodeh (mixed vegetables cooked in coconut milk);
      • Gado Gado (vegetables with peanut sauce);
      • Atjar tjampur;
      • Seroendeng (roasted coconut flakes);
      • Katjang (Indonesian bean);
      • Krupuk (shrimp crackers);
      • Sambal (Indonesian spicy sauce);
      • “Spekkoek” (Indonesian sweet layered cake, also known as “Pandang cake”).

    With private cruises, that is totally up to you! Within 30 minutes sailing time of our dock (which is almost the whole of the city center) we will pick you up and drop you off at no extra charges. All we need is a suitable place to dock the boat. Our reservations team can tell you exactly where these are – but with over a 100 docks within Amsterdam, they are never far away!

    You can book this cruise for any number of persons. However, we charge you for at least 25 persons, even if less show up.
    Of course we will have enough food for 25 persons on board!

    Of course! Our reservations team can make an optional booking for you. This is totally obligation free and will keep the boat reserved for you for 2 a maximum of two weeks. So plenty of time to get everything organized before you book!

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