Blue Boat Company

Mission and vision

Blue Boat Company wants to share the beauty of Amsterdam with every visitor of the city, regardless of his or her background. We try to do this by offering high quality, original products, where the experience and fun are central.

We also want everyone in the world – now and far in the future – to be able to enjoy the breathtaking city that Amsterdam is. Therefore, we are committed, besides sharing this beauty with visitors of the city, to protect the city, nature and the canals by the use of electrically powered boats.

Corporate responsibility

Blue Boat is a company that operates in the public space of Amsterdam. We believe that this also entails a responsibility to take care of this environment – to burden and damage it as little as possible and, where possible, improve it.

How do we do that?

We’ve been working on greening our boats for quite a few years now. Currently, three of our boats are electric and we’re still working on converting the rest. In the meantime, our non-electric boats run on GTL (which is a cleaner version of diesel).

We are also happy to support social initiatives that directly improve the city and its inhabitants. Examples of this are playground projects by Jantje Beton, Stichting Ambulance and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.