Blue Boat Company

Mission and vision

Amsterdam is most beautiful from the water and Blue Boat Company is eager to share the splendor and beauty of the country’s capital with everyone. We do not distinguish between everyone’s background and constitution. Part of our fleet is wheelchair accessible so that disabled visitors can also discover Amsterdam with a canal boat.

We want our guests to experience the city through a number of creative and high-quality canal cruise products in which the concepts of fun, experience and quality are central.

Corporate responsibility

Because we operate in public spaces, we consider it our responsibility to burden and damage the environment as little as possible and to improve it where possible. We try to involve the city and its immediate surroundings in our product as much as possible. As an employer, we provide a safe workplace for all our employees regardless of gender, religion or sexual preference.

How do we do that?

We understand that we are part of the city and that we guard and care for the city for generations to come so that they too can continue to enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam.

Since 2006 we have been pioneering and investing in making our boats electric. In 2022 we expect to take the 10th electric vehicle into service and in 2025 the entire fleet will sail electric. The boats that have not yet been electrified run on GTL with exhaust gas after-treatment.
In collaboration with our caterer, we work with local and regional products as much as possible.
In our hiring policy we aim to appoint as diverse a group of colleagues as possible.