Drinks cruise Amsterdam

About this tour
  • Minimum of 25 people
  • 90 minutes
€ 49,50
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About this activity

€ 49,50
90 minutes
120 minutes possible for a surcharge
Pick up and drop off in the city center
Max. 30 minutes sailing time from our dock
Service on board
Unlimited drinks
Heineken beer, house wine and soft drinks

Important information

Drinks canal cruise Amsterdam

Every Dutch person loves a drink – especially when the weather is nice! And every Dutch person also likes to sail a boat. We’ve combined both these things in a drinks cruise in Amsterdam, that can be enjoyed by Dutch people ánd international visitors/inhabitants alike. During this one and a half hour cruise, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and lots of delicious drinks. Have your glass filled again by the on-board service, bite into a nice piece of cheese and film how your boat passes under the Skinny Bridge. What a wonderful outing in Amsterdam!

A drink cruise in Amsterdam from Blue Boat Company

During our drinks cruises in Amsterdam, you’ll enjoy delicious snacks and all the beauty that the Dutch capital has to offer. Hey, there you see the Westerkerk! And oh, here come the cheese biscuits! We offer drink cruises with hot and cold snacks.

A drinks cruise at Blue Boat Company:

  • 1.5 hour canal cruise on the Amsterdam canals.
  • Unlimited Dutch Bar (Heineken beer, house wines and soft drinks)
  • Service on board
  • Dutch cheese (regular and cumin) with a mustard dip sauce
  • Mixed nuts, cocktail snack and luxury cheese cookies

You can also add more snacks to your drinks arrangement:

  • Dutch classics (Old Amsterdam, young cheese, liver sausage with pickles and beef sausage with mustard).
  • Finger food (bitterballen, cheese sticks, mini frikandel, vlammetjes and mini spring rolls).

Download our PDF with all possible menus and arrangements to view the prices.

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Be sure to check out our cruise arrangements with warm snacks, from our Lunch Cruise, Buffet Cruise and more. Of course you can also contact us for regular canal cruises in Amsterdam.