Buffet cruise

About this tour
  • Minimum of 25 people
  • 120 minutes
€ 80,- from € 72,-
Friends and family discount
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About this activity

€ 80,- from € 72,-
Friends and family discount
120 minutes
Pick up and drop off in the city center
Max. 30 minutes sailing time from our dock
Service on board
Unlimited drinks
Heineken beer, house wine and soft drinks

Important information

Everyone loves a good buffet. With a buffet, you can enjoy various delicious dishes. You never have the ‘I should have ordered that too!’-regret you might have if you see someone else get served something that looks incredible. At Blue Boat Company, we’ve created a few lovely buffet cruises for buffet enthusiasts. Our buffet cruises are ideal for family celebrations, company outings or anniversaries – anything is possible! During the buffet cruise, you will sail through the most beautiful canals of the canal belt. And while your eyes feast on all the views, you yourself can feast on delicious foods. Are you ready for your buffet cruise? 

The buffet cruises from Blue Boat Company

We offer multiple buffet cruises, both for lunch and dinner. In our range of dinner buffet cruises, we offer for instance an Italian buffet, a Spanish buffet, an Indonesian buffet and even multiple Dutch buffets, such as a traditional Dutch stew buffet. 

Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth? Then you can opt to book your buffet cruise with a dessert buffet. Yummy! 

The catering on board is provided by the well-known catering company NH Catering. There is also a cook and service on board to serve your needs. View this PDF to see all the options we offer for buffet cruises.

Example menu Spanish buffet including dessert buffet

  • 2 hour cruise on the Amsterdam canals
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Service on board
  • Cook on board

Cold dishes:

  • Spanish cold cuts (chorizo, fuet & iberico ham) 
  • Tuna tortilla’s (Spanish omelet) 
  • Marinated mushrooms with red onions and garlic 
  • Fried, marinated mussels and squid with Spanish red pepper 
  • Artichokes with lemon and coriander 
  • Salad of roasted red peppers, chickpeas and oregano 
  • Bread with aioli

Warm meals:

  • Albondiga’s (Spanish meatballs in tomato salsa)
  • Pollo con limón et estragon (cooked chicken thigh fillets with tarragon and lime)
  • Chorizo ​​merquez sausages
  • Paella Valenciana

Spanish dessert buffet:

  • Bavaroise cake of pear and caramel
  • Vanilla flan
  • Almond mousse with dried fruit
  • Fresh fruit in lime liqueur

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More group arrangements from Blue Boat

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You can be sure of one thing: if you book a cruise in Amsterdam with Blue Boat Company, we will do everything we can to ensure you have a great time. We are still a real family business and good service is in our DNA. Have fun during your buffet cruise!

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