Privacy statement Blue Boat audio guide app

In this privacy statement we explain how we handle your personal data. What data we process, why we do this and the grounds on which we do it. We also explain your rights and how you can invoke them.

We respect everyone’s privacy and ensure that the personal data that you provide to us is handled confidentially. Processing the personal data takes place in a manner that corresponds with the requirements stipulated in the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (General Data Protection Regulation).

What personal data do we process?
• Location data

Purposes of the data processing
The use of the location data is required for the operation of the audio guide functionality.

The legal basis
Processing the location data is necessary for the execution of the contract. Without the location data the application is unable to determine where the user is located and it will be impossible for the user to listen to the right audio guide at the right time and location.

When you use the application for the first time you are asked if the application may use the location data. This permission can be revoked in the settings in your telephone.

Children have the right to specific protection in relation to their personal data, since they are probably less aware of the risks, consequences and guarantees involved. As the personal data that we process is only used to operate the application, this protection is guaranteed.

Storage period
The location data is not saved by Blue Boat Company. The data can be saved on your device in order to enhance the audio guide experience.

Transferring personal data to third parties
The personal data is never passed on to third parties. It may be the case that Apple and/or Google use your personal data if you purchase our application in their App store.

Analytical data
We do not use analytical data.

Rights of the person involved
When we process your personal data there are various rights that you can invoke. As the personal data that we process is only processed on your device, you can select when the location data is used in the settings of your telephone. The options are “may never be used” or “only when using the application”.

Your rights:
• Right to data
• Right to view the personal data
• Right to change the personal data if it is incorrect
• Right to delete the personal data
• Right to limit the processing
• Right to object to the processing
• If permission has been granted to process personal data, this permission can be revoked (the revocation does not have retroactive force)
• Right to make the personal data available for transfer

If you have any complaints or other questions about your rights, please contact us using the following data:

Address: The Blue Boat Company
Stadhouderskade 501
1071 ZD Amsterdam
Telephone: 020-6791370

Complaints regarding the processing of your personal data can be submitted to the relevant supervisor.

Changing the privacy declaration
We reserve the right to change this privacy declaration. Changes will be published on this website.

We always enforce a security level when processing the data that, in view of the state of the technology, is sufficient to prevent illegal access to, alteration, publication or loss of personal data.

Last updated on
28 February 2022