Team outing Amsterdam

About this tour
  • Minimum of 25 people
  • 90 minutes

Important information

It’s time for another fun team outing in Amsterdam! But what do you do in a city that has everything to offer? There are so many team building activities, but everyone has already done sporty outings such as bowling, and an (online) escape game is only fun a few times… If you are looking for something different for your team outing in Amsterdam, Blue Boat can help. 

Did you know that we have several boats of which we can change or remove the interior? For example, you can have a long table set up for a delicious dinner or have a dance party in an empty boat. We offer all kinds of fun arrangements that you can choose as your team outing in Amsterdam. 

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Whether you recently moved to Amsterdam or grew up here, a boat trip through the Amsterdam canals is always fun. Every time you see something different; from a cat sunbathing in the window of a canal house, to a canal house that is so crooked that the Tower of Pisa pales in comparison. Even true Amsterdammers will discover something new in their beloved city.

All the possibilities for your team outing in Amsterdam

As we mentioned above, we can adapt our boats to the occasion. Would you like to have a drink at a high table while the canal boat glides through the canals? That’s possible! Would you rather dine at a long table on the boat? That is also possible!

Contact us, we are happy to discuss the possibilities!

Our team outings in Amsterdam with lots of extras

Did you know that we also offer catered team outings in Amsterdam? For example, we have our regular cruise package, including unlimited drinks on board and snacks (Dutch “bitterballen” or apple pie).

We also offer all kinds of nice arrangements:

How about a floating dinner as a team outing in Amsterdam where your team enjoys a delicious 3-course dinner? Thanks to our partnership with Meinders Catering, you can just choose which delicious dinner you want – how about a Spanish evening? Request more information without obligation or view all our arrangements in this PDF.

Hop on in the heart of Amsterdam and enjoy a few hours of fun together during your team outing in Amsterdam!

Would you rather have a customized team outing in Amsterdam? View our tailor-made arrangements page or contact us. We love to create the best team outings in Amsterdam for all kinds of companies.