Dinner cruise

About this tour
  • Minimum of 25 people
  • 120 minutes
€ 75,- from € 67,50
Friends and family discount
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About this activity

€ 75,- from € 67,50
Friends and family discount
120 minutes
Pick up and drop off in the city center
Max. 30 minutes sailing time from our dock
Service on board
Unlimited drinks
Heineken beer, house wine and soft drinks
We offer two delicious dinner menu's
Choose between our Three course dinner cruise or our Luxe Dinner cruise

Important information

Would you like to explore the beautiful city of Amsterdam and eat some incredible food in the meantime? You can do that during our dinner cruise! At Blue Boat Company we love Amsterdam … and great food. That is why we have combined our two great loves for this delicious dinner cruise. During a two-hour cruise we take you along all our favorite places in the city. While you gaze at the stately canal houses and dozens of bridges, the service on board puts the tastiest dishes in front of you. Bon appétit!

This group package is ideal for people who want something different. Our dinner cruise is ideal for company parties, family celebrations and even team outings in Amsterdam. Would you like to explore the canals of Amsterdam while enjoying a delicious dinner? Then keep on reading! 

The dinner cruises of Blue Boat Company

We offer two different dinner cruises, the “3 Course Dinner Cruise” and our “Blue Boat Dinner Cruise De Luxe”. The catering on board is provided by the well-known catering company NH Catering. During your dinner cruise, a cook and servers are on board to serve you at your beck and call. Handy, right?

Example menu Blue Boat Dinner Cruise De Luxe

  • 2-hour canal cruise on the Amsterdam canals
  • Unlimited drinks (Heineken beer, house wines and soft drinks
  • Service on board
  • Cook on board


  • Tortilla of wagyu beef and bulrush garlic
  • Served with parsnip cream

Main course:

  • Dutch salmon with potatoes, chives, crème fraiche, marigold & nasturtium. 
  • Served with fresh bread, tapenade, butter and artichoke crème
  • West Frisian stew, veal cheek cooked for 24 hours in its own gravy, cauliflower, mushrooms and peas

Intermediate dish:

  • Velouté cabbage cream with coffee and almond


  • Cheesecake, strawberry and spice crumble
  • Marinated red fruit, meringue and champagne sabayon
  • Handmade bonbon, stroopwafel and peppermint

Download our PDF now with all possible menus and arrangements for dinner on board. We can also provide a tailor made arrangement.

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