BBQ cruise

About this tour
  • Minimum of 25 people
  • 120 minutes
€ 82,50 from € 74,25
Friends and family discount
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About this activity

€ 82,50 from € 74,25
Friends and family discount
120 minutes
Pick up and drop off in the city center
Max. 30 minutes sailing time from our dock
Service on board
Unlimited drinks
Heineken beer, house wine and soft drinks

Important information

Do you always feel like eating BBQ when the sun is out? Or do you always appreciate a nicely grilled hamburger? Then you will love our BBQ cruise. During this two-hour cruise through the Amsterdam canals you will not only enjoy the view, but also all kinds of goodies from the barbecue, carefully prepared for you by our catering company NH Catering. While you gawk at all the beauty that Amsterdam has to offer, your glass is refilled – after all, there is an unlimited, Dutch bar! Our BBQ cruise is wonderful as a family party or a company outing.

The BBQ cruises of Blue Boat Company

Does a nice BBQ cruise sound interesting to you? At Blue Boat Company you can choose from two delicious BBQ cruises, with or without a dessert buffet.

The catering during your cruise is provided by NH Catering. They ensure that a cook and waiter are on board to spoil you during your BBQ cruise in Amsterdam. View this PDF to view all options in terms of BBQ cruises.

Example menu BBQ Cruise B

  • 2 hour cruise on the Amsterdam canals
  • Unlimited Dutch Bar
  • Service on board
  • Cook on board


Cold dishes:

  • Meat board: Chorizo, Serrano ham and Fuet

Warm meals:

  • Shrimp with lemon, coriander and garlic
  • Home marinated wild salmon with spring onion
  • Turkey fillets in spicy tomatoes marinade
  • M.Y.O. chicken fajitas
  • Turkish meatballs on a skewer
  • Fish of the season
  • Beef burger with your choice of topping (crispy bacon, cheddar, to, caramelized onions, pickles and Jalapeño peppers)


  • Coleslaw
  • Couscous salad with chickpea, pointed peppers, cucumber and coriander
  • Roasted bell pepper salad
  • Greek salad with feta


  • Tzatziki
  • Barbecue sauce


  • Turkish bread with hummus, baba ganoush and butter

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