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Our journey to Sustainable Sailing

Environmentally responsible
The environment has always been an important consideration for Blue Boat Company. Back in the days, we were early adopters of the "Bodensee Emission norm" in order to contribute to a cleaner world. These engines have now been replaced by a generation of newer, even cleaner ones that conform to the strictest current emission regulations.

In 2012 we have taken a clean hybrid boat into use. In a constant thrive to improve, we have been the first canal cruise company that started an experiment with fully electric engines. Theses boats, "Barlaeus"and "Vossius" have the same comfort level and capacity of regular canal cruisers, the only difference is that they are entirely electrically powered. Besides saving a considerable amount of pollution, these engines noticeably cut down on the noise levels.

The next level

After 7 years, the experiment has ended and the "Barlaeus" and "Vossius" are taken into the regular service schedules. The incorporation of both boats on May 1st 2014 was simultaniously the kick-off of our operation "Sustainable Sailing". During this operation, our entire fleet (consisting of 15 ships) will convert be converted one by one until we reach zero emission in 2025.

A switch to GTL

In January 2016, Blue Boat Company took one more step in this process and switched to the clean(er) fuel GTL for all non-electrically powered boats. This will not only reduce the emission of these boats further, it will also again reduce their noise levels, which also contributes to a more livable city.

That's what we call sustainable sailing.

Sustainable Sailing in Amsterdam.