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Evening Cruise Amsterdam
Evening Cruise Amsterdam



Private drinks cruises for groups (>25 persons)

Relax with a drink while taking in the beautiful sights of Amsterdam’s canals.

Blue Boat Company offers this option with the Drinks Cruise for groups.

Our luxurious private boats are ready to take you on a tour of the capital that’s famous for its nightlife. Your boat can be reserved exclusively for your group, which enables you to plan your own route, departure time, duration, and even where it starts and ends.

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  • Cruise style Cruise type
      Drinks Cruise, Evening Cruise, Family
    • Duration 90 min
    • Group Size Large Group
      Minimum of 25 persons

    Flexible setup

    With an average standing height of 1.95 meters in combination with tables and chairs that can be (re-)moved, our boats are unique in Amsterdam. We can create any setting on the boat, from one large dinner table to a standing reception or dance floor area. This makes our boats suitable for receptions up to 80 persons!

    Extending your drinks cruise package

    Enjoy the magic of your cruise for a little longer? Extend your drinks cruise with 30 minutes for a surplus of € 9,00 p.p. (including sailing time, waiters and drinks)

    Minimum of 25 persons

    We charge this cruise for at least 25 persons. If you want to take this cruise with a group smaller then 25 persons, that is of course also possible – however we will charge for the minimum of 25.

    For groups of 35 persons we offer a discount of € 5,- per person on this package. You pay € 37,50 per person for the 90 minute all-inclusive drinks cruise

    Banqueting map

    Click here for an overview of all our banqueting options.

    Included and excluded in this Canal Cruise
    What is included in this Canal Cruise?Items included in the cost of this Canal Cruise
    • 90 minutes sailing time
    • Pick up and drop off within 30 minutes sailing time from our docks
    • All drinks (Heinken beer, soft drinks & house wines)
    • Dutch cheese
    • Bar nibbles
    What is not included in this tour?Items not included in the cost of this Canal Cruise
    • Other drinks
    • Other foods
    • Prices are excluded of € 1,50 VMR tax per person*

    *The Entertainment tax VMR (Vermakelijkheidsretributie in Dutch) is a tax that the municipality of Amsterdam levies on activities that have the goal of entertainment. This includes canal cruises, tours and excursions.

    Adding fingerfoods

    All fingerfood selections (except “Bitterballen”) are ordered per person*.
    It is also possible to combine selections.

    * You order as many snacks as you have booked persons for the drinks cruise.

    Fingerfood MenuAdd any of these to your drinks cruise!

    Finger foods – HOT

    “Bitterballen”: € 25,00 per plate

    • per 25 pieces

    Finger food selection 1: € 7,50 p.p.

    • Chipolata sausage with garlic dip;
    • Mini quiche lorraine;
    • Shrimp skewer.

    Finger food selection 2: € 7,50 p.p.

    • Thai chicken saté skewer;
    • Leek quiche with ricotta;
    • Fried mussels.

    Finger foods – COLD

    Finger food selection 3: € 5,00 p.p.

    • Tumbler with couscous, chickpeas & mint;
    • Wrap with pesto, rocket & carpaccio;
    • Filled egg with shrimp creme.

    Finger food selection 4: € 7,50 p.p.

    • Herb crostini with smoked salmon;
    • Profiterole with beet crème & pickle;
    • Mini sandwich with red pesto, coppa di parma & lettuce.

    Finger food selection 5: € 9,50 p.p.

    • Olive & anchovy skewer;
    • Filled egg with goat cream cheese & cress;
    • Salad of smoked mackerel & romaine lettuce;
    • Skewer of dried sausages with coarse mustard;
    • Turkey, curry & lettuce wrap.

    As with all our prvate, group cruises, that is up to you! Pick one of the available 100+ docks in the city – our reservations department is more than happy to help you pick!

    Yes, ofcourse. However, we have to charge for at least 25. (if it is a catered cruise, we will also provide you with the food for the number of persons you have paid for).

    Yes, ofcourse! Our reservetions department will happily make a price quote for you, which doubles as an optional booking. This way, you know for sure that if you decide you want to book, the boat is still available. Optional bookings are obligation free and valid for two weeks.

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