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Blue Boat Guide app

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Canal Cruise app

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Why a guide app?

With this app you can enjoy the audio story everywhere on the boat, even outside on the deck, where there are no wall mounted systems available. And because we are not limited anymore to a maximum of 19 channels, we can offer more stories to listen to!

Can I use the app on an Android phone?

During our trial period (summer season 2014) the app is only available for iPhone. When we have perfected it, we will also make an Android version.

How much does the app cost?

IIt is FREE for all our guests!!!

Good to know:

The app does NOT need a3G (4G) or wifi connection to work. So feel free to turn it off if you do not want to have any mobile data use! However, wifi has to be turned on for the app to work properly!
To complete the cruise, you need a battery charge of at least 25%

How can I download the app?

Through one of the links above. If you did not manage to download the app before you get to the dock, you can download it there using our FREE wifi!

How does it work?

Step 1: Download the app (at home or at our docks using our free Wifi)
Step 2: Start the app and select the tour you are going to take/the story you want to listen to*
Step 3: Download the language you want listen to
Step 4: Hop on board, plug your headphones in your phone** and enjoy your cruise! 

* On some tours, like the City Canal Cruise you can choose between more story option, like the "Ron & Nel take you through Mokum" & the "Rijksmuseum Canal Cruise".
** If you don't have headphones with you, we provide free ones one board.

Getting started

Blue Boat Guide app Blue Boat canal cruise app blue boat guide app

1. Choose the cruise you are going to take & the story you want to hear
2. Choose teh language you want to listen to. If you haven't downloaded it yet, this screen appears. Click on ├┐es"and choose the language(s) you want to download
3. Click on the downloaded language and the tour will start (as soon as the boat departs) 

 canal cruise amsterdam app Canal cruise guiding app Blue Boat App

4. If your 3G (of 4G) is switched on, you will see where you are loacted on the map of Amsterdam. You can switch between the map and the photo that goes with the audio by clicking on the buttons below
5. If your 3G is switched off, you will only see the photo window
6. As soon as the audio starts, you will see the picture that goes with it in the photo frame 

Using the app

Using the app is very easy: it starts automatically when the boat starts cruising.

skip buttonIf, for any reason, you might have closed the app during the cruise, you can use the "Skip Forward" button to skip make the app search for the next audio point.  

Wissel taal knopTo switch langiages mid-cruise use this button. The next audio item will play in the newly selected language.